Aiko and Maya Planned Akita Puppies Litter For Sale

Planned Akita Inu Puppy Litter

Planned American Akita Puppy Litter

Aiko and Dada Planned Akita Puppies For Sale

Planned Akita Inu Puppy Litter

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Akita Puppies

If you want to get on our Akita puppy waiting list let us know. We are now taking deposits for 3 planned litters this year!

Akita VS bulldog and Wolf Malamute Hybrid


Akita puppies are alot of fun. The Akita breed is wonderful. An Akita puppy, though unique in many ways, is just like most puppies in that they need love, attention, consistency, a healthy diet, and consistent interaction, exercise, and follow through. Like most things, the secret to training Akita puppies is consistancy. If you are consistant with your akita dog then he or she will respect you as alpha. will help you find an akita puppy, and be there every step of the way to help you raise it as well. This site is all about matching akita puppies to their new homes, owners, and more importantly, their new family. So look through the site, read the information, look at the available, and up and coming litters and find your akita puppy today! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, or are simply ready to buy an akita puppy or sell an akita puppy call:


Though we have a thorough Application Process, don't be intimidated. You can Apply for an Akita Puppy by clicking the Apply Button below, if you are an Akita breeder, you can apply by Contacting Us through our contact us link and explaining the health clearance requirements of your stock, and your passion for the breed. I know that these restrictions will discourage some people from Contacting Us, and it is designed to do so. Not everyone should have an Akita, or any dog for that matter, and surely not everyone is fit to breed akitas.

We are based out of Southern California, so if you are looking for Akita puppies for sale in California you have found the right place. There are a number of Akita Breeders in California we represent many California Akita Breeders who have teamed up to offer you Akita Puppies when you want them so you don't have to wait a year to find your akita puppies. If you are serious about buying akita puppies you have come to the right akita website. call us to buy an akita today or to find out more information about our akita puppies and akita litters:

Or Dial: 775-538-2227

Checkout out fun and amazing Akita Videos Here!

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Click here to fill out our Akita Puppy Application and take the first step towards adopting your new akita puppy!

Pure White Akita Stud Dog

White Akita Stud dog in    Snow

Aiko Flurry is our Akita Stud. After being 'proven in show' and receiving health clearance, he will be ready for Stud in 2012 - OFA Cleared with Vet. Awaiting Official Grade- See Aiko's Pedigree

He is AKC Registered with Champion Blood Lines and is taking stud appointments... His genetics are strong, and an excellent potential for the breed. He lives in harmony with children, cats, and chickens, and does great at dog parks as well, oh and yes, he loves the water too!  Akita puppies for sale on this site are all sired by him, but we are not the breeder, the 'breeder' is a term reserved for the owner of the female Akita whose puppies are advertised here much like puppy find type sites, however we offer quality Akitas exclusively. We function as a type of puppy escrow to ensure the puppies find quality homes, and the families in turn find quality akita puppies. By requiring all puppies be sired by our own stud we can help to ensure only the best puppies are provided at For more pictures click Here.

Akita Puppies for Sale

Aiko the Pure White Akita Stud Dog for Breeding

Akita Litters and breed History Information